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Research on Hearing Aids Usage Shows they Can Prevent Accelerated Cognitive Decline in Ageing [Interview][Transcript]
Guest: Dr Ben Fernee Presenter: Wayne Bucklar Guest Bio: Dr. Ben Fernée currently serves as National Audiology Manager at Oticon Australia, managin

Mental Health

Promising Research Findings to Help us Avoid Memory Impairment or Loss as we Age [Interview][Transcript]
Guest: Professor Andrew Scholey Presenter: Wayne Bucklar Guest Bio: Professor Andrew Scholey is director of the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology

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Cardiologist Dr. Matthew Budoff: Research shows Aged Garlic may help Coronary Vascular Disease [INTERVIEW][TRANSCRIPT]
Guest: Dr. Matthew Budoff Loas Presenter: Wayne Bucklar Guest Bio:Dr Matthew Budoff, author of more than 700 research papers and 6 books, is at the

Inflammatory and Immune System

Boost your Immune System this Winter and Ward Off the Flu with Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf Extract [Interview][Transcript]
Guest: Stephen Eddey Presenter: Wayne Bucklar Guest Bio: Stephen Eddey is the Principal/CEO of Health Schools Australia (The International College o

Cardio Vascular

Multinational Interior Design Company Specialising in the Design and Construction of Medical, Dental Fit Outs [Interview][Transcript]
Guest: Mike Watson Presenter: Wayne Bucklar Guest Bio: Mike founded Innova Design 20 years ago with a vision to work with a trusted senior team to d

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The Health News – 27 November 2015
Overview: • Australians crippled by mental illness will receive individual care plans as part of a Federal Government overhaul of the multi-bil