General Health

Independent Patient Support and Advocacy [Interview][Transcript]
Guest: Dorothy Kamaker Presenter: Henry Acosta Guest Bio: Dorothy Kamaker spent 35 years plus an an ICU/ER nurse and academic. Increasingly, she saw

Mental Health

Mental Health Issues: Awareness, Prevention, and Early Intervention [Interview] [Transcript]
Guest: Professor Allan Fels Presenter: Henry Acosta Guest Bio: Professor Allan Fels is a long-term advocate of mental health policy reform. He is cu

Cardio Vascular

Food and Lifestyle Choices to Halt Cardiovascular Diseases Naturally [Interview][Transcript]
Guest: Dr. Jason Kaplan Presenter: Patrick Reyes Guest Bio: Dr Jason Kaplan is a specialist adult cardiologist and physician. He studied Medicine at

Inflammatory and Immune System

Boost your Immune System this Winter and Ward Off the Flu with Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf Extract [Interview][Transcript]
Guest: Stephen Eddey Presenter: Wayne Bucklar Guest Bio: Stephen Eddey is the Principal/CEO of Health Schools Australia (The International College o

Cardio Vascular

The Holistic Approach to Good Health [Interview][Transcript]
Guest: Brendan Gaughrah Presenter: Neal Howard Guest Bio: Known as 'The Liver Medic', Brendan conducts nutrition lectures and promotes a line of liv

Health News

The Health News – 25 May 2017
Overview: • AMA Tasmania's Chris Middleton said Time and again since the beginning of 2016 the RHH clinicians have raised highly credible war