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Health Supplier Segment: BCNA Cultural Diversity Program

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar Guests: Fiona Patterson (Head of Programs) and Anna Higgs (Cultural Diversity Officer) Guest Bios:  Fiona Patterson joined BCNA as Head of Programs in July 2014, following six years managing Victorian State Government policy and programs across Women’s Affairs, Youth and Community Development portfolios, and two years managing physical activity investment at the

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Health Supplier Segment: Oceania Oncology

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar Guest: Chris Inggs Guest Bio: Chris has worked in Radiation Oncology since 2009 and has a strong focus on operational efficiency after completing a thesis in the application of Lean in a healthcare setting during his MBA in 2008. Combining this with his clinical insight gained from training and working as a

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Health Supplier Segment: Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar Guest: Joe Tooma Guest Bio: Mr. Joe Tooma has been Chief Executive Officer – Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation since 2008. Previously, he practiced as a Solicitor 1983-2003, Deputy President and President of Qld Law Society 2000 to 2002, CEO of Diabetes Australia- Qld 2003 to 2008 and Centenary Medal for Service to

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