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The Health News – 27 April 2015

Overview Tasmania’s health services union claims the State Government has spent more than $250,000 on court action to continue a long-running paramedic pay dispute. The number of Australians trying to beat an amphetamine addiction has more than doubled in the past five years, a new report by the Institute of Health and Welfare has found.

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St John Ambulance – More than Meets the Eye [interview transcript]

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar Guest: Darryl Clare Guest Bio: Darryl Clare is the Business Development Manager for St John Ambulance (Qld), overseeing the management of corporate and public training throughout Queensland in First Aid, Health and Safety and Advanced level clinical skills training. He holds an extensive leadership background in the management of volunteers whom provide

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Tools for Resilience and Managing Depression [Interview transcript]

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar Guest: Roxanie Lebsanft Guest Bio: Roxy is the co-founder of BareHands, a PACFA & QCA accredited Psychotherapist, an Allied Health Care practitioner specializing on Counselling, Bowen Therapy, Homoeopathy. She has over 12 years clinical experience in private practice, specialising in “stressed” women. She lectured at the College of Natural Medicine in Communication

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Tools for Measuring and Managing Functional Movement [interview transcript]

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar Guest: Dr. Andrew Lemon Guest Bio: Dr. Andrew Lemon is an Osteopath and Functional Movement Specialist working in private practice in Melbourne. He is one of only four Osteopaths to be qualified in Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute in the USA. Andrew also works as Co-Director of the Functional Movement

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The Health News – 24 April 2015

Overview After almost two years of planning and negotiations, the ACT Government has signed an agreement to improve the provision of health and education services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) is lobbying the drug company Pfizer to make the vaccine cheaper in poorer countries. Four people accused

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