Adrenal Burnout And Stress Management

Patty Kikos
Presenter: Katherine Lodge
Guest: Patty Kikos
Guest Bio: Patty is a respected yoga teacher & healer that lectures on teacher trainings around Australia. She is well known for her lighthearted approach to life, and for the powerful results her clients receive through 1:1 balance sessions & 6 week programs.

Segment Overview:
Patty talks about how Yoga helps with Adrenal Burnout and Stress Management

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The Health News USA September 8 2017


  • Millions of people who buy individual health insurance policies and get no financial help from the Affordable Care Act are bracing for another year of double-digit premium increases.
  • Opioid addicts are now using pets to prescription drugs like opioids for themselves from their veterinarians. And now states are bounding into action to prevent pill-popping puppy-owners from treating their furry companions as enablers.
  • When the U.S. Congress returns from summer vacation on Tuesday, for the first time in years gutting Obamacare will not be the main order of business on the healthcare agenda.
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The Health News USA October 19 2017

  • About one in nine American men is infected with the oral form of human papillomavirus (HPV), according to a new study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. According to the researchers, the nationwide rates for oral HPV infections are 11.5% of men and 3.2% of women: 11 million men, compared with 3.2 million women.
  • Johnson & Johnson won the reversal of a $72 million verdict in favor of the family of a woman whose death from ovarian cancer they claimed stemmed from her use of the company’s talc-based products like Johnson’s Baby Powder.
  • President Donald Trump said congressional Republicans would take another shot at repealing and replacing the nation’s health care law after they passed tax cuts, presumably extending the Obamacare debate into 2018. Republicans have set a goal of passing significant tax rate reductions by the end of the year, but Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell signaled Monday that ultimate passage could creep into the following year.
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The Health News USA March 13 2018

  • A recent study suggests that states with laws that make it easier for midwives to care for pregnant women and deliver babies may have better birth outcomes than states where it’s harder for midwives to provide care. Researchers ranked each state based on how easy it was for midwives to practice and collaborate with obstetricians and other providers. Scores ranged from a low of 17 in North Carolina to a high of 61 in Washington, out of 100 points. Higher scores were associated with significantly higher proportion of babies delivered by midwives, more spontaneous vaginal deliveries and higher rates of breastfeeding.
  • Plant-based diets have been associated with many health benefits, including a reduced risk of obesity, heart disease and Type two diabetes. So it might naturally follow that vegetarian fast food, which is inherently plant-based, would be more nutritionally appealing than its traditional relatives. Sharon Palmer, a registered dietitian and author of “Plant-Powered for Life” said: “Just because a restaurant or fast food menu item says it’s vegetarian or vegan, it doesn’t mean that it’s automatically ‘healthy.’
  • CBS New York’s Dana Tyler reported that hand sanitizer sales are up 37% over last year, and millions of people use it multiple times a day. The FDA is currently reviewing the ingredients in these products and says right now there is no evidence that hand sanitizers are any more effective than regular soap and water in helping to prevent the spread of germs.
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The Health News USA January 22 2018

  • More than 1.75 million children in twenty states and Washington, D.C., are at risk of losing their health insurance by the end of February if Congress does not reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which ceased being funded when lawmakers failed to pass a spending bill late Friday night. The health care program covers around 8.9 million American kids overall. The situation is most dire for the nearly 3.7 million who get their insurance through their state’s separate CHIP programs, rather than CHIP-funded Medicaid.
  • The Trump administration launched a division at the Health and Human Services Department on Thursday to protect doctors and medical providers who object to participating in abortions and assisted suicide on religious or moral grounds. Officials said the division, part of the HHS’ Office of Civil Rights, will stand ready to assist health care workers who say they’re being coerced into participating in procedures that violate their beliefs.
  • Flu season could cost employers $9 billion in productivity. According to global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas said that with a nasty flu season underway across the country, businesses can expect to see billions of dollars in lost productivity. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the flu is now widespread across the continental United States. The predominant strain, H2N3 isn’t well prevented by the flu vaccine.
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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and A Soldier’s Son [Interview][Transcript]

jack_estes_ptsdGuest: Jack Estes
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio: Jack Estes was a decorated United States Marine who served during the bloodiest years of Vietnam. He previously wrote the critically-acclaimed memoir, A Field of Innocence, which recounts his experiences in Vietnam. His articles and essays have appeared in Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, San Diego Tribune, The Oregonian, and many publications. He created the Fallen Warriors Foundation, an organization to honor the memory and sacrifices of American soldiers and help heal the pain of war.

Segment overview: Jack Estes, author of the new novel “A Soldier’s Son,” and decorated Vietnam Veteran, discusses living with PTSD and what needs to be done to help veterans of all wars and their families to fully heal.

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The Health News USA December 1 2017

  • The Congressional Budget Office on Wednesday poured very cold water on the idea that fallout from eliminating Obamacare’s key rule could be reduced by passing another pending Senate bill. The CBO’s director said that it would still expect 13 million more people to not have health insurance by 2027 than are currently projected if Obamacare’s individual mandate is repealed, even if the Alexander-Murray bill is passed into law.
  • The Utah Department of Health is grappling with a growing hepatitis A outbreak that has reached 95 cases, with over 60% of patients requiring hospitalization. Fox 13 Now reported that the majority of cases involve homeless individuals and illicit drug users, with officials citing links to the outbreaks in Arizona and California.
  • A new study suggests that drinking artificially sweetened beverages not only may be associated with health risks for your body, but also possibly your brain. Artificially sweetened drinks, such as diet sodas, were tied to a higher risk of stroke and dementia in the study, which published in the American Heart Association’s journal Stroke on Thursday.
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