An Evidence-Based Program Designed for Sedentary Workplaces Aiming to Improve Staff Performance, Energy and Resilience [Interview][Transcript]

Guest: Anna-Louise Bouvier
Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest Bio: Anna-Louise is the Executive Director and Creator of Happy Body At Work. The program has rolled out to over 15,000 people last year alone in organisations as diverse as Optus, the ASX, Minter Ellison, CatholicCare, the University of Sydney, UTS and the CSIRO. She is also the creator and Exec Director of Physiocise, which over the past 20 years has taught over 66,000 classes to people with bad backs and wobbly bodies. She also consults to the Waratahs, Brumbies and Wallabies on overuse injuries.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, Anna-Louise Bouvier presents valuable insights on how to get better productivity, performance and increased resilience in the workplace. With the help of their Happy Body At Work program which is based on a behavioural change model, get positive results such as increased activity levels, reduced sedentary time, improved sleep patterns, greater energy, fewer aches and pains and increased awareness of stress signals.

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The News – 25 July 2014


  • Euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke has hit out at his suspension by the Australian Medical Board (AMA) as a “dirty little midnight assassination,” saying he had very little to do with a 45-year-old Perth man who took his own life.
  • The most common pain reliever for back pain, paracetamol, does not work any better than a placebo, according to a new study published in the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet.
  • Canberra has the quickest average ambulance response times of all Australian capital cities for life-threatening emergencies, according to an independent report.

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The Sleep Easily System and Healthcare Professionals [Interview][Transcript]

Dr_Richard_Shane_Sleep_Easily_System_Healthcare_ProfessionalsGuest: Dr. Richard Shane
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio: Richard Shane, Ph.D., has been a psychotherapist for 35 years. He is the Behavioral Sleep Specialist for New West Physicians, Colorado, with 85 physicians serving over 170,000 patients. From 2010 through 2014, he was the Behavioral Sleep Specialist for Lutheran Medical Center Sleep Center in Denver. Dr. Shane discovered specific body sensations that are neurological switches for sleep. He further researched the neurophysiology of sleep and developed the Sleep Easily Method.

Segment overview: Dr. Richard Shane, Phd, discusses how health professionals are affected by sleep and if “Sleep Easily” can help during stressful shifts.

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The Health News United Kingdom November 7 2017

  • A study has found that two thirds of UK smokers have tried to quit in the 12 twelve months. Researchers who carried out a detailed study found around 5 million adults have attempted to stop smoking in the last year, but 1 in 5 didn’t even last a month. Of those attempting to quit, the cold turkey approach was deemed the most popular method by one in three survey respondents. A further two in five have found alternatives to distract themselves and one in five roped a fellow smoker in to help them quit together.
  • Leading charities have urged the Government to urgently address the “crisis” facing mental health services in the forthcoming Budget. In a letter shared exclusively with The Independent, mental health bodies issued an unprecedented warning to ministers that if budgets are not increased and protected, the majority of mental health sufferers will remain “locked out” of vital services.
  • A report by the Royal College of Psychiatrists states that 1 in 10 consultant psychiatrist roles is currently unfilled in NHS organisations in England.  It says the number of unfilled posts has doubled in the past four years. Wales is also struggling to fill posts, with vacancies of 9% , while Scotland and Northern Ireland have vacancy rates of 6% and 2% respectively.
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The Health News United Kingdom March 5 2018

  • Scientists say diabetes is five separate diseases, and treatment could be tailored to each form. Diabetes – or uncontrolled blood sugar levels – is normally split into type 1 and type 2. But researchers in Sweden and Finland think the more complicated picture they have uncovered will usher in an era of personalised medicine for diabetes. Diabetes affects about 1 in 11 adults worldwide and increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney failure and limb amputation.
  • The Healthy Lottery has launched a new gaming site to support good causes across the UK. Health Games will allow gaming fans to play slot and instant win games while donating a portion of its profits to UK health-related charities. Since the launch of the Health Lottery 6 years ago, £96 million has been raised for good causes and more than £128 million given out in prizes. The lottery, which is operated by Northern & Shell, represents 51 society lotteries across Britain.
  • NHS figures reveal that soaring numbers of children, young people and pensioners in England are being taken to hospital after suffering serious mental disorders as a result of taking drugs.  Hospitals are treating more than double the number of people for what the NHS calls “drug-related mental and behavioural disorders” than they did ten years ago. The statistics record damaging changes to people’s mental states as a result of taking illicit drugs, such as cannabis and cocaine, and also from the use of painkillers, alcohol and solvents.
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HIV AIDS Study to Improve Healthcare Services for Latino Men 2019

ViiV Healthcare and the Latino Commission on AIDS collaborated on a study to explore strategies to improve healthcare services and HIV treatment adherence for Latino men. Findings from this study were presented in March 2019 during a late-breaking session at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2019 National HIV Prevention Conference in Atlanta, GA. Marc Meachem, Head, External Affairs, ViiV Healthcare; Member, Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS and Guillermo Chacón, President, Latino Commission on AIDS discuss the study and findings.

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MedicAlert ID: Saving Lives 24/7 [transcript][audio]

Guest: Heidi Jones

Presenter: Tabetha Moreto

Guest Bio: Heidi Jones is the CEO of the Australia MedicAlert Foundation – a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing a 24/7 emergency response service and identification service.  She leads the foundation’s passionate and experienced team to manage relationships with MedicAlert’s thousands of members, work with healthcare professionals and emergency service stakeholders. Heidi has extensive experience in business operations, community engagement, communication and strategic planning – particularly in health care and not-for-profit sectors. Before joining MedicAlert, she worked for almost a decade with Hender Consulting, offering human resource and organisational development consulting services, and prior to this in leadership positions within the health and community services sectors both private and NFP as Director of Corporate Services at SCOSA (Spastic Centre of South Australia) and as General Manager of the Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre a leading refractive and cataract day surgery.

Segment Overview: In today’s interview, Heidi Jones, CEO of Australia MedicAlert Foundation comes back to the program to promote the MedicAlert ID offered by her foundation. They come in form of bracelets or even necklaces that can reduce treatment errors which may result from not having a patient’s health record during an emergency situation or upon hospital admission. It also provides quick recognition of one’s medical conditions (like allergies) and medications which leads to faster and more effective medical treatment. Heidi explains why having a MedicAlert ID is so important have for both children and adults.

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The Health News USA August 12 2017


  • More than 1,000 people participated in a Twitter poll on the topic “Would you trust a technology company like Apple, Amazon or Google with your health data?” and the majority of people responded that they would trust a major technology company like Apple, Amazon and Google. The one clear winner emerged from the 3 major players: Apple. The company has made repeated assurances to users that it will not sell health data to advertisers.
  • According to a new study, the overall rate of strokes is declining in the United States, but it appears to be going down mostly in men. According to the news findings , the decreases in rates of stroke over time are primarily driven by decreased stroke rates in men.
  • Max Barry, the 22-year-old son of Nashville Mayor Megan Barry, died last month from an accidental drug overdose complicated in part by morbid obesity. According to the coroner’s report, he had several drugs in his system at the time of his death including methadone, THC, cocaine, alprazolam and hydromorphine. The report said he also had other health problems, including hypertension, fatty liver disease and fatty deposits in two of his major arteries, and a reported “history of prescription drug abuse with withdrawal symptoms.
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The Health News – 3 February 2017

• Anthony Mundine invited Charlie Teo (brain surgeon) to his rematch with Danny Green in Adelaide tonight, but the Australian Medical Association wants the boxing to be banned.

• Australian businesses aim for better care services, better public transport and stronger regulation on employees as part of Australia’s labour market solutions.

• Australian doctors are worried about patients with angina because of the national shortage of the vital drug used to treat it. The brand of drug used to treat it, Anginine, dilates arteries to increase blood flow to the heart during an attack.

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The Trafficker Traps



Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest: Nancy Hartwell
Guest Bio: Nancy Hartwell has studied the topic of human trafficking for more than 40 years. She is especially knowledgeable about the sex trade on the Persian Gulf. Nancy has written three best-selling books about victims of human trafficking. She has logged in more than 350 radio interviews, nationally and internationally, dealing with the subject of human trafficking.

Segment overview: Nancy Hartwell talks about the methods that human traffickers use to circumvent parental safeguards. She reveals what parents can do to protect children.

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