The Health News – 25 January 2016

• A small number of children with drug-resistant epilepsy will soon be able to access a new cannabis-based drug, “Epidolex,” in New South Wales which is showing promise in relieving the symptoms.

• When the doctor told Stuart Matchett he had a rare cancer he did not hear much else afterwards. It is this dilemma faced by so many cancer patients that Rare Cancers Australia is trying to solve. The charity has just released a new free mobile phone app called “Can.Recall.”

• The Mater Private Hospital in Brisbane has confirmed a patient has tested positive for Legionella bacteria infection. The Mater said it was unknown if the infection was acquired at the hospital and it was working with independent agencies to determine the source of the deadly infection.

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The Future of Fashion Psychology [Interview][Transcript]

Dawnn_Karen_Fashion_Psychology_human_behaviorGuest: Dawnn Karen
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio: Dawnn Karen is a New York City-based professional, Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology and the pioneering mind behind the global field of Fashion Psychology™. Years ago, while pursuing an M.A. in counseling psychology at Columbia University, she received the inspiration to create the dynamic field of Fashion Psychology™. Fashion Psychology™ is a newly applied academic discipline focused on the study and treatment of color and fashion and its effects on human behavior while addressing cultural sensitivities and cultural norms.

Segment overview: Dawnn Karen talks about the future of using psychology in fashion.

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The Health News USA August 28 2017


  • Intermountain Healthcare, a Utah-based hospital chain pledged to slash the number of opioid pills prescribed for patients with acute pain at its facilities by 40 percent by the end of 2018. Intermountain said it believed it is the first American health system “to formally announce such a significant and specific amount of reduction as a target.”
  • Officials announced Cal State Los Angeles was awarded $16.6 million to bring dental care to underserved communities in the Greater Los Angeles area. The grant has been billed as the largest in the university’s history.
  • California state regulators have been asked to investigate ‘deceptive’ claims made by Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop lifestyle company that there are health benefits to dozens of products promoted on its website, including the assertion that jade vagina eggs can improve sexual energy, restore hormonal balance and prevent uterine prolapse.
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The Health News – 20 October 2014


  • It’s estimated thousands of Australians are risking arrest by using cannabis for medical reasons. A national clinical trial has been announced but legalisation could be many years away, and then for expensive pharmaceutical drugs only. Di Martin investigates the science and the politics of medical cannabis.
  • The Queensland Government says there has been a massive reduction in patients waiting for elective surgery, but the Opposition claims the figures are being fudged.
  • A growing number of recreational and professional athletes have been avoiding gluten in a bid to boost their performance, but there has been little scientific evidence of whether the dietary strategy works.

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The Health News United Kingdom September 2 2017


  • According to a new poll, there has been an increase in the use of connected care technologies in UK healthcare in the last twelve months. Nearly half of those in the UK who were surveyed or interviewed for The Future Health Index 2017, which was commissioned by Philips, said they had seen greater use of such technologies by primary care doctors in the past year.
  • The number of patients in Wales waiting more than a year for surgery has gone up by 400% in just 4 years.The Royal College of Surgeons asked every health board in Wales how many people had been on the waiting list for longer than 52 weeks.
  • Officials have announced that all child deaths will be recorded onto a new national database in a bid to share information aimed at saving young lives.
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Unconscious blueprints & workplace dynamics


Presenter: Katherine
Guest: Sue Lester
Guest Bio: Sue Lester, Head Transition Coach, speaker, adventurer and author of “The Face Within: How To Change Your Unconscious Blueprint”.  Sue has explored how our internal image of ourselves forms our unconscious blueprint.  This unconscious programming can impact on your ability to develop healthy safe relationships, build successful careers, and even to conceive naturally.

Segment Overview
Sue joins us here to talk to us about “Unconscious Blueprints & Work Place Dynamics”.


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The Health News Australia November 21 2017

  • Research has found a high-salt diet reduced levels of Lactobacillus bacteria in mice and increased production of immune cells linked to high blood pressure. A German study has found that excessive salt intake wipes out levels of good bacteria in the gut and this can cause blood pressure to rise.  The findings have raised hope a simple probiotic could be used as a tool to help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke caused by hypertension.
  • The Australian Capital Territory government is reviewing barriers women may be facing when trying to access abortion services in Canberra. It’s part of a wider review into sexual and reproductive health services the government expects to be completed by mid-2018. Health minister Meegan Fitzharris is hoping ACT Health and the Women’s Centre for Health Matters (WCHM) will be able to provide a clearer picture of barriers Canberra women  face when accessing abortion services.
  • Abandon the idea of continuous general practitioner care and throw away your fax machine – a new Microsoft report has told Australian healthcare it needs to undergo a dramatic change in mindset and get with the digital revolution. The ‘GP for thirty years’ care delivery model will disappear with patients already seeking primary care from five different clinics and eleven doctors in their lifetime.
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How Ebola virus came to be wide-spread in West Africa

Presenter: Neal
Guest: Dr. Mardia Stone
Guest Bio:
Dr. Mardia Stone is an International Medical and Public Health Expert. Currently, she is Senior Advisor to the Chester M. Pierce, MD, Division of Global Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) /Harvard Medical School and Senior Advisor to the Liberia Center of Excellence in Mental Health and Psychiatry, working extensively on mental health issues, coordinating mental health research and training activities for MGH Psychiatry residents in Liberia.

Segment Overview: Dr. Mardia Stone discusses how the Ebola Virus came to be wide-spread in West Africa and the potential cultural implications of the current outbreak.

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