About Us

what-is-health-professional-radio Health Professional Radio is owned and operated by Vertical Internet Media Pty Ltd , an internet-only media network that has been broadcasting globally since 2012 with dedicated internet audio streams for Australia in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and the United States. Vertical Internet Rradio also helps business owners become in-house broadcasters so they can communicate with their customers and staff to manage the sound scape of their client experience.

With staff in both the medical field and information technology, Health Professional Radio is promoting awareness on healthcare issues for health professionals.

HPR targets health professionals primarily in hospital-based environments but does not exclude other health professionals or the public from listening.

Health Professional Radio is a health dedicated media channel. The station format is “news and talk” with Health News, Health interviews, and audio shorts like “On This Day in Health”, “Feature Hospital of the Day” and “Fun Facts and Health Statistics”. This is all original content created by our own producers. Some content is clinical, some management orientated and some lifestyle orientated.

All stories are archived on the web, cross-posted and promoted on social media and there are transcripts posted on our website. The relevant Government state ministers have been advised and there is an ongoing awareness campaign though hospital boards and management. In some jurisdictions, the corporates departments and boards have included a link to Health Professional Radio on the Clinician’s intranet.

Health professionals listen to radio on computers and smart phones at nurses’ stations, clinics, in their cars and even during surgery – places they can’t use social media.