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HPR – How you can be a supporter or sponsor.

Health Professional Radio is a free internet broadcaster with Audio Streams in 30 cities in the Uk Us Canada Australia and SE Asia.

It’s free for listeners but it is a commercial business which receives no subsidy from any government. This means our news is never fake or alternative and our producers are independent. When do carry advertising or sponsored stories, ist obvious and the producer will introduce the story as being sponsored.

To continue broadcasting 24x7x365, we need your help.

Become a member

You can help by just joining as a member of Health Professional Radio for free. This helps as it allows us to tell potential advertisers about the size of our audience because we have the emails to support our claims.  We never sell emails or give them to anyone.  Liking us on social media also helps but having your name and email gives us a lot more credibility.

Make a gift to us

As a member you can make a gift, once only or recurring, a gift of as little as $10.00 helps us to pay the bills and keep the stations on air.

Become a sponsor

We have sponsorship programs from $100 a month for those people (and corporates) who appreciate our work and want to see it continue.  Sponsorships may be acknowledged or silent (and anonymous) at your request.

Advertise with us

For big and small business who wish to reach our hard to reach clinical audience, we accept advertising both on air and on our social media channels.  Advertising packages can be tailored to suit your needs and start from as little as $299 per month.