Why Advertise in a Radio Station?

health-professional-radio-advertise-2 Radio reaches people at work. Professionals listen to radio on computers and smartphones at nurses stations, clinics in their cars and even during surgery – places they can’t use social media.

Why Radio?

Radio is warm, intimate and instantaneous and now easily in the budget of any business, small or large. Internet radio combines over a century of broadcast history with cutting edge digitized sound quality and rich social media to create a new experience. Advertising opportunities are available for both this podcast and at any of our audio streams. Just drop an email to [email protected] and the sales team will be in touch. For modest investment, you can get your advertising message across to health professionals in the United States, UK, Canada and Australia. In 2016, Health Professionals Radio (HPR) content reached the eyes and ears of over 1,586,800 people and it does not end there. Our audience just keeps on getting bigger and bigger!
Reach: Ear Audience - 379,571 on Radio and Podcasts. Eye Audience - 1,207,238 on social media and website.
To see more details about HPR statistics, download the file here. You may view or download our Media Kit below.

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Reach your target health professional audience with the help of Health Professional Radio. Available on iPhones, Android devices, tablets and online, Health Professional Radio gets your message heard for about one tenth the price of mainstream commercial radio. Call 07 31 77 99 00
For big and small business who wish to reach our hard to reach clinical audience, we accept advertising both on air and on our social media channels. Advertising packages can be tailored to suit your needs and start from as little as $299 per month.
See Health Professional Radio's Full Strategy package below.

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