2023 ASCO – Astellas – Oncology Development

Dr. Ahsan Arozullah, MD, MPH,  Senior Vice President, Head of Oncology Development at Astellas discusses the company’s presence at the 2023  American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting.   He talks about the expanding  portfolio of approved and investigational cancer therapies and how  the research underscores the company’s focus on pursuing targeted therapies for hard-to-treat cancers where few therapies exist.

Ahsan M. Arozullah, MD, MPH is a pharmaceutical executive with over 20 years of clinical research experience in pharmaceutical industry and academic settings. My passion to deliver lifesaving and life-changing therapies for patients is founded in my personal loss of loved ones to cancer. Cancer challenges all of us directly through the impact on people’s lives and their families and challenges us scientifically through the molecular and genetic modifications that hide cancers from our own immune systems. In my current position as Vice President of Medical Sciences-Oncology, I lead a global team of medical directors who provide world-class medical leadership to clinical development teams dedicated to creating the next generation of targeted oncology therapies. We collaborate with top scientists, clinicians, and caretakers from around the world to develop novel therapies and to study these therapies in patient-centric ways that facilitate our collective aim to bring the highest life changing value to patients.

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