New 3D Bioprinting Device For Muscle Tissue Created

A 3D bioprinting device has been created by Zurich University of Applied Sciences’ researchers, this is a new screening device that can produce images of muscle and tendon-like tissues.

The researchers stated that this new device will help in the development of medication for age-related degenerative muscle and tendon diseases.

The current lack of compound screening is considered to be one of the main reasons there is not much progress in the discovery and development of drugs for musculoskeletal issues.

“In the future, the specialised 24-well plate will be equipped with electrodes for electrical stimulation to monitor differences in muscle contraction after drug exposure,’’

“The development of platforms to produce, maintain/grow, and analyse in vitro 3D tissue models is a first step toward implementation in the pharma industry for drug development applications to increase the throughput and reliability.”, the researchers stated.

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