3Daughters – Self Assembling Intrauterine Device (IUD)

Mary Beth Cicero, CEO ​and co-founder of 3Daughters discusses the development of the company’s lead product candidate, a frameless self-assembling intrauterine device (IUD) therapy for contraception. Unlike the T-shaped IUDs currently on the market, the 3Daughters team is combining physics and geometry to form a copper-made triangular magnetic-shaped IUD that self-forms in a woman’s uterus. This allows for women to have a simpler, smart, and more sophisticated alternative to birth control. The Company’s proprietary Glider™ for insertion (i-Glider) is far less painful and a simple magnetic retriever (r-Glider) completes the cycle – no strings needed.​

Ms. Cicero has over 40 years of executive leadership roles in marketing and business development and was formerly President of MarketSense Ltd., a healthcare consulting firm. She worked with over 100 clients on marketing assessments, partnering activities, fund raising, market research, as well as every aspect of licensing. Ms. Cicero has significant experience in Women’s Health and has spent the greater part of her career working in contraception and fertility, as well as evaluating most disease states affecting women. She served as Vice President of Business Development for Agile Therapeutics (contraceptive patch) for over 7 years and her previous positions include Vice President of Business Development at two biotechnology companies. Prior to that time, she headed up U.S. marketing for Serono Labs (now EMD Serono) focusing on infertility treatments. In addition to her professional responsibilities, Ms. Cicero teaches a course “Marketing Principles and Applications for Pharma Entrepreneurs” at the Jie Du Center for Innovation at the University of the Pacific. Her educational background includes a BS in Biology cum laude from Boston College and an MBA from Babson College.

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