A Father’s Journey with Daughter’s Epilepsy and VNS Therapy™

Mike Knox, father and author of the book “Vivien’s Rain: My Daughter’s Battle with Epilepsy” shares his journey with his daughter who was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was two and is now 16, and talks about Vivien’s success with VNS Therapy™. His recent efforts have been focused on passing a law for police and law enforcement in California to be trained on seizures and seizure first aid with the hope that his efforts will result in bringing peace of mind to families who are raising children with epilepsy and reducing the stigma associated with the condition. For more information about VNS Therapy™, visit VNSTherapy.com.

Mike Knox is a father to a child who has drug-resistant epilepsy. As a caregiver, Mike is passionate about reducing the stigma surrounding epilepsy. He is the author of the book “Vivien’s Rain My Daughter’s Battle with Epilepsy” as well as a producer, artist, and stand-up comedian. He is from Pasadena, California.

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