A Patient’s Prostate Cancer Journey

37-year old Mical Roy discusses his stage II prostate cancer diagnosis in 2018 and his participation in the “Your Cancer Story” program which aims to help those living with cancer address the challenges at every stage of the journey via videos which Mical is featured in.  Now cancer free he has taken on the role of an advocate by mentoring, participating in local and national programs and bringing awareness to diversity in cancer care through research.

Mical Roy is an educational leadership enthusiast, husband, father, prostate cancer-survivor, along with a passionate lobbyist. In 2018, after searching for a new primary doctor following a move from Houston to Austin, Texas, Mical attended his routine yearly visit where his doctor decided on a whim to screen him for prostate cancer, which surprisingly resulted in a stage II cancer diagnosis. While it came as a shock at the time, he later found out prostate cancer actually ran in his family. Now cancer-free with a new perspective on life, he is raising awareness on the importance of men sharing their experiences with prostate cancer – even if it can be uncomfortable. He is sharing his perspective through Merck’s Your Cancer Story initiative to raise awareness and offer advice to others diagnosed with cancer.

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