Accenture – New Research Into HCPs and Pharma Companies

Laura Dix, Managing Director in  Accenture’s Life Sciences Strategy and Consulting practice in London, UK,  discusses new research titled The “New” Rules of Engagement, which examined how pharmaceutical companies can give healthcare providers (HCPs) new and meaningful interactions. The report, which surveyed 720 HCPs across the U.S. and five additional countries, reveals how pharma companies can rethink their relationship with providers to positively impact treatment decisions and lead to better outcomes by gaining time, trust and influence.  

Laura is a Managing Director in Accenture’s Life Sciences Strategy and Consulting practice based in London, UK. She has 12 years of experience leading commercial programmes across a broad portfolio of pharmaceutical clients with a particular focus on field transformation and omnichannel customer experience. During her career, Laura has coordinated a range of high-complexity global change initiatives across multiple Markets and is passionate about enabling globally-led transformations and operating models that resonate and drive value within-country.  As a thought leader in Life Sciences Commercial transformation, Laura has authored and contributed to a range of thought leadership including  The New Rules of Healthcare Provider Engagement  with insights from a survey of 720 HCPs (health care providers) across 6 Markets and 4 areas of practice, and a blog on  Pharma’s Role Creating Quality HCP Experiences. She has been a panellist and speaker on these and related topics in a variety of client and industry forums.  Laura is especially passionate about enabling change among Life Sciences Commercial teams at a pivotal time for the future of HCP and patient engagement. Her fascination for people, mindset and culture has also been shaped by her experiences before Accenture, which included a placement at the United Nations Development Programme. Laura holds a degree in History from St John’s College, University of Cambridge.

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