Administering cannabidiol through nanotechnology for sports injuries treatment

Dr. Glenn Copeland, founder, chairman, and CEO of Copeland Biosciences discusses the company’s focus on nanotechnology to administer CBD (cannabidiol) in the treatment of sports injuries.

With decades of experience in orthopedic treatment, Dr. Copeland is one of Canada’s most prominent podiatrists. He has been working on CBD-based formulations to company inflammation for nearly four years.

Dr. Copeland has founded and directed several highly successful medical companies. Among them are FootMaxx Inc., which converted orthopedic evaluation of the lower extremity from molding technology to pressure and motion mapping and was successful in opening 1,880 clinics around the world.

Dr. Copeland was the founder, chairman and CEO of Cleveland Clinic Canada and established the Rehab and Wellbeing Center at Mount Sanai Hospital in Toronto, which continues to thrive and seeks over 10,000 patients a year.

An expert in the treatment of sports injuries, Dr. Copeland has been the team podiatrist for the Toronto Blue Jays since 1979. He is also the Medical Director of the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group, which re-established Canadian Football in the city and culminated in the Ottawa Red Black’s 2016 Grey Cup win.

Dr. Copeland is also a well-respected author, having written five international books, including “The Foot Doctor: and “Healthy Feet” which have been translated into twelve languages.

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