Advanced Health Intelligence (AHI) – Smartphone Scanning Technology

Scott Montgomery, CEO and Director of Advanced Health Intelligence (AHI),  a technology company developing smartphone-based human scanning technology  discusses their name change from Advanced Human Imaging to Advanced Health Intelligence,  the acquisition of Wellteq, a Canadian digital health company, and  the enhanced capabilities of the AHI platform with the integration of Wellteq.

Scott Montgomery is a respected health industry leader and the director and CEO of Advanced Health Intelligence (AHI). With nearly two decades of experience spanning across APAC, Europe and the US, he is committed to bringing innovative health technology solutions to organizations to improve access to healthcare, workplace culture, engagement, and employee wellness. A well positioned leader in health technology, Scott has had success in co-building two enterprise health companies to trade sale. The most notable, was the more recent acquisition of one of the start-ups to become a publicly listed company, now trading on ASX and NASDAQ.

As a trained exercise physiologist, and having worked with some members of the world-renown New Zealand All-Blacks Rugby team, Scott possesses a thorough understanding of the factors that contribute to optimal physical and mental health. In his role as CEO of AHI, Scott strives to provide rapid and affordable pathways to better health through technology, from initial assessment to ongoing support. This includes digital wellness coaching and triaging solutions for preventative population health improvement.

Scott is a seasoned speaker who has presented at events globally, including the United Nations Association of Australia and the FIT Summit. He has addressed industry-leading topics such as the value of interoperability in healthcare, the role of technology in closing health literacy knowledge gaps, and the potential of biometric triage measurement using smartphones. Leveraging his extensive experience, Scott is able to engage and inform audiences about the latest advancements in health technology and the benefits of integrating them into global healthcare systems.

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