Advanced Human Imaging – Smartphone Based Human Scanning Tech

Vlado Bosanac, Chairman and CEO of Advanced Human Imaging discusses the company’s smartphone body/facial scanning tech that was proven in the fitness industries.  They are now applying this technology to health insurance, telehealth, and employee health partnerships as a diagnostic tool.

Vlado Bosanac is a founder, investor, entrepreneur, advisor, and business consultant with over 30 years of experience in assisting businesses with strategy, structure, and entry into the capital markets. He is the Co-Founder of Advanced Human Imaging, a B2B technology company that is fundamental changing the way people understand their health, conducted telehealth visits, and receive a timely diagnosis. In 2000, Vlado became a founding partner of Greenday Corporate (previously Health Tec Growth Partners), were he helped passionate entrepreneurs build great companies, with an understanding of the evolution they go through as they grow their teams and revenue.

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