Advanced Human Imaging – Smartphone-Based Human Scanning

Dr. ​Katherine Iscoe, co-founder and CEO discusses Advanced Human Imaging, a developer of a leading patented, proprietary technology that enables users to take vital signs and detect warning signs for myriad diseases using their smartphone. She has watched the Company grow from its initial conception as “MyFiziq”, a primarily B2C offering, into what it is today – a global, highly scalable, and innovative B2B company that is disrupting multiple verticals, including fitness, virtual health, and insurance. She​ also​ shares her strategy for the Company ​in the future. 

Dr. Katherine Iscoe holds a Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences (summa cum laude), a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology and Health Sciences, a Doctorate in Exercise Physiology and Biotechnology and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Counselling. She is the recipient of multiple awards, scholarships and bursaries in recognition of her academic excellence.

Her work in type 1 diabetes spanned several years and includes publications in multiple international peer-reviewed journals, one of the first being a chapter in The International Olympic Committee Volume XIII Encyclopaedia of Sports Medicine, co-written during her undergraduate degree.

She has given several talks and lectures on glucose optimization using continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMS), in particular during exercise when blood glucose levels may change rapidly. Her biomedical research has provided critical insight to the differences between interstitial glucose and blood glucose levels, which result in a measurement reading when using CGMS. This is an important finding especially for the management and prevention of hypoglycemia in patients with type 1 diabetes.

During her Doctoral degree, Katherine noticed a lack of diabetes education for patients, specifically to improve glucose management during exercise. The irony of exercise is that it is critical for optimizing health, especially in T1DM, however also problematic, as exercise can cause severe hypoglycemia, coma and even death if left untreated. As a result, Katherine founded and directed Diabetes Fits, a non-for-profit 2-day sports camp that brought education to families with type 1 diabetes, so they could enjoy being active without the worry of hypoglycemia. This camp inspired other similar educational programs to pop up around Australia.

Her combination of both academic and practical experience in medical sciences, health and wellness provides a unique and strategic advantage for the future of AHI and mHealth.

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