Advancements in HIVS-AIDS Research

Returning guest, Dr. Kimberly Smith, Head of Research and Development at ViiV Healthcare discusses recent advancements made in HIV studies and the impact COVID-19 has had on R&D efforts.

As a pioneering woman of color, Dr. Smith has made it her life’s work to end the HIV epidemic, most often advocating for women and children living with HIV as a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. She began her career on the frontlines during the early days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic as a clinician in Chicago and made invaluable contributions through her research addressing gender and racial disparities among people living with HIV. Dr. Smith has spearheaded ViiV’s patient-centric approach to treatment, which is poised to revolutionize the management of HIV through treatments that decrease lifetime patient exposure to medicines and long-acting regimens that may decrease treatment dosing from 365 days to just six times per year. Over the last seven years, she has led more than 25 late-stage clinical trials for seven medicines.

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