Alaska Sued By Transgender Over Discriminatory Health Policy

Jennifer Fletcher, a 36-year-old transgender librarian from Alaska is suing the state because she was denied coverage for sex reassignment surgery that she needs for her gender dysphoria. Due to the fact that the state health insurance plan does not cover this kind of surgery, Fletcher has been forced to pay for out-of-pocket costs. She is seeking to get unspecified amount in damages.

It states in the lawsuit that it is discriminatory when transgender people are denied coverage for treatment related to gender dysphoria. According Cori Mills, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Law, they will review Fletcher’s case and respond appropriately once served. Other lawsuits of this nature have been filed from different US states.

One of Fletcher’s attorneys, Peter Renn who works as a senior attorney with Lambda Legal said that the health policy is “antiquated, irrational and downright cruel.” He added: “Imagine if you were limited to health care treatment from 40 years ago. That would be unthinkable.” Renn pointed out that the state medical plan has already started covering transition-related hormone therapy and classifies it as “medically necessary”.

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