Alliance for Endometriosis Survey Findings and Action Plan

Beth Battaglino, RN-C and CEO of HealthyWomen discusses a recent national public survey by The Alliance for Endometriosis which revealed that 90% of people with endometriosis are disbelieved, dismissed, or ignored by others at least monthly. The survey sheds light on people’s experiences with endometriosis-related stigma and the disconnect in conversations between patients and their health care providers. The Alliance for Endometriosis has created an Action Plan with the goal of reducing – or eliminating – the stigma associated with endometriosis and encouraging more productive patient and physician conversations that lead to faster diagnoses and improved treatment options and experiences. 

Beth Battaglino, RN-C, Chief Executive Officer, HealthyWomen, brings a unique combination of sharp business expertise and women’s health insight to her leadership of the organization. Beth has worked in the health care industry for more than 25 years helping to define and drive public education programs on a broad range of women’s health issues. She launched and has expanded the brand. Beth is responsible for the business development and strategic positioning of HealthyWomen. She creates partnerships with key health care professionals and consumer groups to provide strategic, engaging and informative award-winning programs. She serves as the organization’s chief spokesperson, regularly participating in corporate, non-profit, community and media events. She also is a practicing nurse in maternal child health at Riverview Medical Center- Hackensack Meridian Health, in Red Bank, NJ. In addition to her nursing degree, Beth holds degrees in political science, business and public administration from Marymount University.

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