Annesse Brockley On Autoimmune Disease And The Connection With Diet.

Annesse Brockley
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest: Annesse Brockley
Guest Bio:
Annesse Brockley and her daughter Kristin Urdiales researched and co-authored AUTOIMMUNE: The Cause and the Cure and FIBROMYALGIA: The Cause and The Cure. has been nominated for the 2012 Herbal Book of the Year Award, and was featured in several health-related publications including Fibromyalgia Solutions magazine. They’ve participated in speaking engagements nationwide and are regular contributors to and Black Hills Simple Life.

Segment Overview:
Annesse Brockley talks about autoimmune disease and the connection with diet.


Health Professional Radio

Neal Howard: Hello. You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host, Neal Howard. Our guest in the studio today is Annesse Brockley. Annesse first became sick with an autoimmune disease known as lupus back in 1992. Back then, there was very little known about the disease, and she set out to learn everything that she could about lupus and other autoimmune diseases as well. Now, through her research, she’s come to learn that almost all modern-day illnesses are not only connected to each other, but that they’re also connected to the foods that we’ve been eating. How are you doing today, Annesse?

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