Antibiotics: How It Affects Our Gut Health [transcript][audio]

Guest: Dr. Cris Beer

Presenter: Tabetha Moreto

Guest Bio: Dr. Cris Beer is an integrative/holistic medical doctor, author, corporate speaker, and media doctor. As an expert in integrative medicine, she specializes not just in treatment of illnesses, but in the attaining of optimum health. Dr. Beer has particular interests in preventative health, lifestyle medicine, hormone health, weight loss, fatigue and sleep problems, digestive issues, as well as women’s health. For more information about gut health, please visit

Segment Overview: In today’s interview, Dr. Beer talks about how healthier guts reduce our reliance on antibiotics and lessen their side effects as well as the issue regarding antibiotics resistance. She also discusses about World Antibiotics Awareness Week 2017.


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