Astellas C3 Changing Cancer Care

Mark Reisenauer, Senior Vice President of the oncology business unit at Astellas Oncology, who helped build the C3 (Changing Cancer Care) program talks about how he was inspired to start the program based on his experience as a caregiver for his father. The C3 Prize is open to any idea that can have an impact, especially if it’s simple.  

Mark Reisenauer has been Senior Vice President of the Oncology Business Unit at Astellas Pharma US, Inc., since May 2011. A veteran oncology commercial leader, Mark is responsible for all US commercial activities supporting marketed products and Astellas Pharma’s oncology co-promotion partners. He also leads commercial planning for early-stage development compounds. Mark was a caregiver for his father, who battled head and neck cancer before passing away on his 80th birthday.

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