Winner of The Astellas C3 Prize and Founder of Run For A Cure

Ebele Mbanugo of Lagos, Nigeria, grand prize winner of the 2018 C3 (Changing Cancer Care) Prize, discusses her work, where she created a culturally-relevant and easy-to-understand digital audio series about breast cancer for patients in Nigeria. She also operates Run For A Cure Africa, a non-profit organization created to eradicate breast cancer in Africa. She is determined in her mission to help erase the stigma of breast cancer treatment in her society through education. Learn more and submit an idea to the C3 Prize which will award $200,000 in total funds and resources to help winners further advance their ideas:

After her mother and two aunts were diagnosed with cancer, Ebele was driven to create an organization that opened access and eliminated barriers to affordable breast cancer screenings. Winning the Astellas Oncology C3 Prize (Changing Cancer Care) brought her one step closer to launching a program that fights the social stigma around breast cancer by creating a culturally relevant and easy-to-understand podcast series about breast cancer for patients.  

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