Astellas Oncology 2019 C3 Prize (Changing Cancer Care) Grand Prize Winner

The Nanny Angel Network in Canada was the grand prize winner of the Astellas Oncology 2019 C3 Prize (Changing Cancer Care).  Audrey Guth, Founder of the organization discusses her inspiration to start the network in 2009 to support mothers in cancer treatment and their children.  She talks about how they have been able to continue to carry out their mission, in part due to the C3 Prize, despite COVID-19 – by delivering meals, virtual visits, a “Homework Club” to assist with homework and prepare for tests and an online support group with a nurse navigator for moms.  Astellas Oncology’s 5th Annual C3 Prize has launched and applications are being accepted through September 28, 2020.

Audrey Guth, a cancer survivor, and mother of four established the Nanny Angel Network in 2009 after she found a gap in healthcare and social services for mothers with cancer and their children. Audrey noticed that mothers must choose between looking after their children and going for treatment, and children often feel sad, scared, and anxious. The Nanny Angel Network aims to reduce the unequal burden of cancer care and focuses on tools and resources that reach underserved populations. Audrey and the Nanny Angel Network received the 2019 C3 Grand Prize.

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