Solving common issues faced by pediatric patients through augmented reality app

Hernâni Oliveira Ph.D., a molecular oncologist, health communicator, digital media researcher, and grand prize winner of the Astellas 2017 C3 (Changing Cancer Care) Grand Prize discusses an augmented reality app to help solve common issues faced by pediatric patients and their parents around education and physical engagement.

Hernani Oliveira is a cancer survivor who developed a two-part mobile app for kids with cancer and their parents and is the 2017 Grand Prize Winner of the Astellas Oncology C3 Prize (Changing Cancer Care). The app for kids helps them stay active and mobile during their treatments where they often are sedentary, while the app for parents helps them understand and explain complex cancer treatment procedures. Both platforms help solve issues related to medication adherence. Since winning the C3 Prize, Oliveira has been focused on running trials on different prototypes of the app to improve the quality of the game and thereby reduce hospital admission times for patients.  

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