What Do Australians Want From Their Doctors?

Seventy per cent out of the 2,000 Australian patients that participated demand that their healthcare providers should improve their use of mobile technology and digital tools in order to get better care outcomes and increase patient empowerment, according to the results from the MedicalDirector’s Patient Engagement Survey 2018.

MedicalDirector CEO Matt Bardsley said that the key to adopting innovation is the doctor-patient relationship.

“Information always needs to be provided to patients with the appropriate support structures. That’s why the doctor needs to play an integral part in that communication at all times,” he added.

The survey also found that about 80 per cent of patients visit their doctor at least every six months which means that the continuity of care within the Australian healthcare system is high.

In addition to that, 72 per cent of respondents stated that they have consulted the same doctor for more than two years. This shows that patient loyalty to GPs in Australia is also highly valued.

“The statistics around patient loyalty to their GPs doesn’t surprise me because I see that in my own practice. It is a good thing as continuity of care always leads to better health outcomes,” GP and Chief Medical Advisor at MedicalDirector Dr. Charlotte Middleton said.

It is hoped that digital technology will help patients get test results faster, organise their appointments and communicate with their GPs quicker.

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