Australian Study on Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract and Hypertension

Dr. Karin Ried, Australian Researcher and expert in Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract, discusses the results of a recently published clinical trial that shows that Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract supports healthy blood pressure similar to blood pressure medications.

Dr. Karin Ried is an Associate Professor at the National Institute of Integrative Medicine in Melbourne. An adjunct A/Prof at Bond University on the Gold Coast and an Honorary Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide. Learn more about Dr. Ried, read here.


Neal: Hello and welcome to Health Professional Radio, I’m your host Neal Howard. Our guest is Dr. Karin Ried, she’s Australian researcher and expert in Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract and she’s joining us here on Health Professional Radio to talk about the results of a recently published clinical trial that shows that Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract supports healthy blood pressure, similar to blood pressure medications. Welcome to Health Professional Radio Dr. Ried, thank you for joining us.

Dr. Karin Ried:  Welcome. Good day.

Neal: Well a bit of background about yourself. I did mention that you’re a researcher and an expert in kyolic aged garlic extract. Tell us what chaotic aged garlic extract is.

Dr Ried: Yes. So I have been researching kyolic aged garlic extract for about 10 years. We’ve done four clinical trials looking at the effect of kyolic aged garlic extract on blood pressure but also other cardiovascular health markers. And every time we look at it, we find something new exciting about it. So the kyolic aged garlic extract, this is special garlic which has been fermented for 20 months in controlled conditions. And it actually removes toxic compounds in garlic which are in the raw garlic if you eat a lot of raw garlic garlic then you can actually neurolize your red blood cells so we’ve done one of that. And in that fermentation process are the chemicals in there are changed and the beauty of it is that the chemicals, sulfur compounds in kyolic aged garlic extract which hold the blood pressure and are you know made into something stable which can be dosed. So usually we talk about Allicin being the chemical which can help the blood pressure reduction in garlic. But Allicin is a volatile substance so if you put garlic in the food, it will disappear. But in the kyolic, it’s made into S-allyl cysteine and other more stable compounds so when you have the kyolic aged garlic extract you actually can get the dose which you know … blood pressure. We did publish also some mechanistic papers in explaining how it all works. So it all has something to do with the sulfur compounds in the garlic which then are made into you know hydrogen sulfide. And that actually influences the vasodilation and therefore reduces blood pressure.

Neal: The fermentation process that you spoke of, you said it’s achieved under controlled conditions. Is that for speed? Is that for purity or can this fermentation process be found in nature and simply administered naturally?

Dr Ried: Well I mean people can probably do it as well but it is 20 months at a particular temperature in our alcohol. So I mean it requires a little bit of industrial set up to really get the process perfect. So it is possible of course to you know ferment your garlic yourself but you don’t know what the dosage is then so the beauty of the kyolic aged garlic extract capsules is that the dosage you’re actually dealing with is you know standardised. And so I just wanted to talk a bit about you know its effectiveness. So what we’ve found over those four trials we’ve done in the last 10 years is that kyolic aged garlic extract consistently helped to reduce blood pressure by 10 millimeters systolic and 5 millimeters diastolic on average. So this is comparable to standard blood pressure medication and I said on average so that means that for some people actually have even a larger effect. So for example, we had patients in the trial who had 160 systolic blood pressure and it dropped down to 120. So the hundreds of 40 over 90 is you know that kind of threshold level where we want people to be under, we have to remember though that with age, blood pressure will increase. So a 70 year old’s normal blood pressure is rather 150 over 85, right. So the problem with standard blood pressure medication is that sometimes the normal blood pressure for the person can actually even be more reduced. But the beauty with kyolic aged garlic extract is and we’ve done trials on that is that it doesn’t reduce normal blood pressure for the person. So basically it normalizes blood pressure and therefore has less side effects in the you know, if you have hypertension it will reduce it to normal blood pressure. But if you have normal tension, it won’t reduce your blood pressure even further so that you have hypotension which is also dangerous. So that’s you know what kyolic aged garlic extract does with blood pressure and any other things.

Neal: Does it affect the blood pressure in the same way that blood pressure medications are used based on the cause of the blood pressure, some underlying condition such as diabetes or maybe an accident or a heart condition? Does it work across the board as far as high blood pressure is concerned?

Dr Ried: So if you’re asking you know if you have a high blood pressure and where it comes from that’s kyolics help, yes. So it doesn’t influence necessarily you know your underlying condition as such but what we also found out in the most recent trial is that it influences your gut microbiome because it’s simply prebiotic. It’s a prebiotic and that helps good bacteria to prow. So conditions like diabetes for example, they have a lot to do with your microbiome. And so indirectly garlic may actually prevent it going into a foodborne disease but that we haven’t really tried that. It’s just that’s a suggestion but what we have found is that it’s possible that the kyolic does not just reduce blood pressure but it also removes or helps with the flexibility of arteries. So it decreases arterial stiffness and so I explain what that means. So with age your arteries will get stified, that’s just a normal process. And the stiffer the arteries are, the quicker the blood flows, the more hard work the heart has to do and less oxygen can be taken on. So what you want are flexible arteries and what we found in this last trial as well as in previous trials and others across the world, have found that kyolic can reduce arterial stiffness. So it helps with remodelling the arteries and that’s extraordinary so basically arterial stiffness is also a contributor to heart disease. And if you remove arterial stiffness as well as you know reduce your blood pressure if you have high blood pressure, then you already have two factors which help you prevent heart events.

Neal: Where can we go and get some more information about the studies about kyolic aged garlic extract and also about the about the work that you’re doing there as the Associate Professor at the National Institute of Integrative Medicine?

Dr Ried:  In Melbourne, yes Australia. So you can go to NIIM so that the National Institute of Ingrid of Madison and look for my name and it will be the papers on kyolic as well as there’s a website on kyolic itself, so it’s just a and this gives you all information about the kyolic itself as well as all the studies done with it. So I just want to add because we were saying well you know what, kyolic can do so it can do the blood pressure reduction as well as arterial stiffness. We have also found in previous research that it can normalize cholesterol levels which is what’s important for heart health as well as normalize blood stickiness. So blood stickiness means you know how thick or thin your blood is. It’s really important to understand because trials have been done on that as well that kyolic lake does not increase the risk of bleeding even in people who are on … for example. So it’s different to normal garlic. It’s a normal guy, who eats through the diet, you know that’s usually if you have a surgery, it’s usually recommended not to have that because it can increase your risk of bleeding but kyolic does not do that. So there has been a trial and it’s also you know on the kyolic website shown that it doesn’t increase the risk. But what’s also important is it can reduce the blood stickiness. So meaning if it’s too thick, you can get Thrombosis and kyolic can you know reduce that. My colleague in the U.S. Dr. Matthew Budoff has also shown that ktolic can remove soft plaque around the heart. So within a year, they found that you know the potential reason for a heart attack can be removed by kyolic. So you’ve got multiple things that kyolic can do and the beauty is also you can take it with other medications so all our trials on blood pressure were done on people either on medication or without. And the effectiveness was the same and it works on 99 percent of people.

Neal: Well I thank you for this information,Doctor. It’s been a pleasure talking with you. Thank you so much for joining us.

Dr Ried: Yes, thank you as well.

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