Banned Substances on Slimming Products

Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA) is urging people not to purchase or consume two slimming products that are sold online – Nuvitra and BeColi. There are banned substance on these slimming products, they contain dangerous ingredients that are banned in Singapore and are potent laxative. Nuvitra and BeColi are sold online as slimming supplement by NKS Singapore.

Nuvitra contains sibutramine which is a weight loss drug that was only available by prescription. It has been banned since 2010 in Singapore due to an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes, and side effects like hallucinations and mood swings. HSA said that consumers should immediately stop taking these products. The agency has received reports from people who experienced hallucinations or hearing voices, palpitations and shortness of breath after consuming slimming products with the banned substance.

Sennosides and bisacodyl are two other types of laxatives that were found in the products which are known to cause vomiting and abdominal pain.

NKD Singapore has been ordered by HSA to stop selling these products. Administrators of online sales platforms were also instructed to remove web listings of the products. The agency has announced that anyone found supplying illegal health products may be imprisoned for up to three years and/or fined up to S$100,000.

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