Benefits Of Incorporating Chiropractic Care Into A Patients Continuing Care

Dr. Michael Gibson
Presenter: Hannah Stanley
Guest: Dr. Michael Gibson
Guest Bio: After graduating with a Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario, he received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree and Masters of Science in Chiropractic Sports Science from Life University.

Segment Overview:
Dr. Michael Gibson works in a practice where incorporating chiropractic care into a patients continuing care is the norm. Dr Gibson explains the benefits to such a program, and the reasons why this isn’t very commonly found.


Health Professional Radio

Hannah Stanley: I’m Hannah Stanley, and welcome to Health Professional Radio. Today, I’m joined by Dr. Michael Gibson, a chiropractor in the United States, who works in conjunction with medical physicians to create a more well-rounded group of options for their patients. This is segment one of three of my interview with Dr. Michael Gibson. This is Hannah Stanley, and you are listening to Health Professionals Radio here in Australia.

Joining me today is Dr. Michael Gibson, who is a chiropractor, a doctor of chiropractic. There has been a separation, really, of Western medicine versus chiropractic … not necessarily versus, but a separation. You are of the belief that they can be integrated into one patient’s care and work very cooperatively?

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