Beyond the visible – Rosacea and Psoriasis of the Face

Galderma’s “Beyond the visible: rosacea and psoriasis of the face” is a global survey involving over 600 patients with facial skin disease (rosacea or psoriasis) and 361 doctors across 6 countries.  Here to discuss the findings of the survey and the burden on patients’ productivity and daily lives is one of the report authors, board-certified dermatologist and Galderma consultant, Dr. Julie Harper. 

Julie C. Harper, MD, is a Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. She received her medical degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia School of Medicine, and went on to complete an internship in Internal Medicine. She completed her undergraduate degree at Southeast Missouri State University and her dermatology residency at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Dr. Harper is founding director and president-elect of the American Acne and Rosacea Society, a task force member of American Academy of Dermatology Telemedicine, a former American Academy of Dermatology Leadership Retreat Participant, and a former Women’s Dermatologic Society Board of Directors Young Physician Representative.

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