Biobeat – First and Only Company with FDA-Cleared Cuffless RPM to Screen Up to 13 Health Metrics

Prof. Arik Eisenkraft, MD., VP Clinical & Regulation at Biobeat, a digital tech company developing its proprietary data collection tools for remote patient monitoring (RPM), discusses the company’s wrist monitor and the chest monitor, both FDA-cleared to monitor stroke volume and cardiac output in addition to its previous clearances in monitoring cuffless blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, respiratory rate and body temperature – 7 health metrics including the 5 vital signs, which all medical practitioners are required to assess regardless of healthcare settings. These photoplethysmography (PPG) devices are also the first and only FDA-cleared cuffless RPM solutions to screen blood pressure, a condition that often goes undetected due to insufficient blood pressure monitoring and diagnostics technologies.

Prof. Eisenkraft is involved in Military Medicine R&D efforts for more than two decades, starting as field physician in the IDF Medical Corps, and recently retiring as the Head of the NBC Protection Division of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, where he was leading national research and development programs in CBRN medicine. Since 2008, Prof. Eisenkraft serves as a SME and a special advisor to the Disaster and Preparedness Division of the Israeli Ministry of Health in CBRN Medicine. In 2013, he establishing the Institute for Research in Military Medicine at the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine, Jerusalem, and in 2019 he was appointed as Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Military Medicine, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, where he is still active in R&D related to pre-hospital emergency care. Prof. Eisenkraft is leading the clinical and regulatory efforts of Biobeat.

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