Biomerica – At-Home Screening Tests and Personalized Medicine

Zack Irani, CEO of Biomerica, a global biomedical technology company that develops, patents, manufactures and markets advanced diagnostic and therapeutic products, discusses tools to make at-home screenings for diseases like breast cancer, colon cancer, etc. simple and easy. He talks about the new technology that’s available, new screening guidelines, and why simple at-home tests and tools can help change the way diseases are managed. He also talks about new diagnostic guided therapies, such as InFoods IBS, which is designed to allow physicians to identify patient-specific foods that when removed, may alleviate or improve an individual’s IBS symptoms.

Mr. Zackary Irani has been a Director of the Company, and has been serving as the Company’s Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer since April 29, 1997. Prior to that time, Mr. Irani served as the Company’s Vice-President of Business Development. He has been an employee of the Company since 1986. During fiscal 2008 and 2009, Mr. Irani also served as Chairman of the Board of Lancer Orthodontics, Inc. and served as Lancer’s Chief Executive Officer from April 1997 until April 2004.

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