Blooms The Chemist – COVID-19 White Paper – Community Medical Supplies

Emmanuel Vavoulas, head of retail at Blooms The Chemist, Australia’s leading community pharmacy, discusses the recent White Paper detailing its response to the COVID-19 pandemic titled “Lessons Learnt from the Frontline of a Health Emergency”  that includes “Ensuring the Community’s Access to Health and Medical Supplies”, such as home-delivered medicine and maintaining access for vulnerable customers. 

Emmanuel Vavoulas has been a pharmacist for over 22 years, joining the Blooms The Chemist network in 2006. During this time, Emmanuel has owned several Blooms The Chemist stores and held the position of Ethical Buyer for Blooms Support Office. In 2020, Emmanuel moved into the role of Head of Retail, working with Blooms Support Office’s Operations team to provide support and guidance for the wider store network.Emmanuel sees his role in community pharmacy as a true vocation; passionate about building and nurturing relationships with customers, he is committed to working with other health professionals to deliver exceptional care to the community.

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