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Dr. Tere Linzey, a Licensed Educational Psychologist and founder of BrainMatterZ discusses Brain Optimization and cognitive training that can greatly improve a child’s scholastic performance.

Dr. Tere Linzey is a Licensed Educational Psychologist and the founder of BrainMatterZ, a program meant to improve auditory processing, executive functioning skills, attention/focus, and memory in youths. Dr. Linzey specializes in “Brain Optimization,” or the practice of training one’s brain to develop optimal fundamental skills that are necessary for learning. Dr. Linzey is certified in Neuropsychology and holds three additional masters degrees.Dr. Linzey researched brain potential and cognition at a number of top universities including Harvard and UC Berkeley. Though Dr. Linzey has been in education for 30 plus years, it was during her time at UC Berkeley that she became fascinated with brain science discoveries and the ability to reshape and alter cognitive function. Based on extensive research, Dr. Linzey developed her own comprehensive program designed to optimize brain function.Dr. Linzey serves as the Educational Psychologist for Cate School in Santa Barbara and maintains a successful private practice in Carmel and Santa Barbara. She is considered the premier cognitive skills expert as a result of her success rate and innovative programs. Her results are remarkable in helping students at all levels improve test-taking skills, executive functioning, and increase processing speed. Dr. Linzey’s work has been proven to vastly improve issues surrounding dyslexia, concussions, and ADHD. As a result, students feel more confident and empowered.Dr. Linzey’s Neurology Laboratories have expanded internationally, with facilities located throughout the US, as well as Mumbai, India, and China. Her book, Measuring Up; A Guide to Help Students Retrain Their Brains for Maximum Academic Capability, has recently been updated with her clinical trials. Measuring Up shows readers how neuroplasticity and brain optimization work, and how to reshape a student’s cognitive skills which can lead to better scores and results. It is the go-to guide for parents and students looking for an edge in the hyper-competitive world of education.

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