Cloud-based Solutions to Healthcare Organizations for Increased Project Control, Collaborative Workflows [Interview][Transcript]

Bret_Elam_ebuilderGuest: Bret Elam
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio: Bret Elam is a project manager with e-Builder in the managed services department. He works with large clients on managed services contracts to help them manage and optimize their usage of the e-Builder platform.

Segment overview: From ground-up developments to remodels and renovations, healthcare entities rely on eBuilder to manage capital programs across the lifecycle from planning and design to scheduling, estimating, and project management.


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Neal Howard: Hello and welcome to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard for this Health Supplier Segment of our show. Our guest in studio today is the Project Manager for e-Builder Mr. Bret Elam. E-Builder is a leading provider of integrated cloud-based construction program management software from ground-up developments to remodeling, renovations and more especially but not limited to healthcare entities around the country. Good afternoon Bret.

Bret Elam: Good afternoon Neal, glad to be with you.

N: Thank you so much for joining us today. Talk a bit about e-Builder, what exactly is e-Builder involved in as it pertains to this cloud-based construction program management software, I mean everything is going to the cloud nowadays. How does this actually save money for construction projects?

B: Sure. Well as you said, everything is going cloud-based because in the construction world you have a lot of information management. Different groups have different pockets of information, different document to manage. E-Builder allows a centralized place for the all of the players throughout the construction process. The owners, the project managers, the architect, the contractors can all share information documents, etc. and one-on-one place and they can access it anywhere in the world, anywhere they have the access to the web which is anywhere these days – tablets and smartphones. So really allow for faster communication, faster resolutions to problems and openly work on projects.

N: Now you’re talking you know ultimately faster, faster is that always a good thing? I mean why is it we’ve been building buildings for a lot of years now without this cloud-based software. And faster is good in some aspects, but why above and beyond speed? Is it important that companies get tapped in to e-Builder?

B: So obviously so faster is something, but cheaper is also better, especially in the world these days specifically to healthcare because in the healthcare world there’s a tremendous amount of pressure in this country to reduce the cost of healthcare compared to the rest of the world we’re relatively expensive in that arena. So anything that we can do to reduce the cost of projects and healthcare is the great thing because it’s really at a divergence right now, the people are saying about the cost of healthcare has to come down, yet we have there’s an ever increasing need for healthcare facility. So cost has hospital cheaper but we still need to go hospital because we have an aging population, so I think that’s the second aspect to that, make everything much cheaper and much simpler.

N: One study shows that as much as maybe 30% of construction dollars are wasted. That’s a lot of money, a trillion bucks a year or more.

B: It is. And a lot of that waste just comes from in addition use in the system, taking a long times of information from one place to another, a long time to make decisions because the information isn’t readily available. And anytime you have active construction being built and you have decisions that need to be made to inform the project, any day that goes by without a decision being made is the potentially money being wasted in here because we’re not building the right thing or in the right way because we haven’t made the right decision.

N: Now above and beyond in any studies that we may have seen or even some of the information’s at let’s talk about some examples. Say Banner Health for instance, they identified a huge amount of money in savings because of their affiliation with you, is that correct? Talk about Banner a bit.

B: Yeah, that’s correct. So Banner is a very large healthcare system, a lot of projects going on and they like other healthcare systems, we’re managing projects in the same way, a lot of paper, a lot of files. They recognize that they really need to improve upon that, they partner with e-Builder to allow us to implement our tool to help them manage that work. And throughout the course of that they actually recognize a hundred million dollars in saving across their entire program, which actually allows them to funds the new cancer centers. So it’s actually an example where there was waste in the system, and they compiled all that waste, saved all that waste and we’re able to provide a brand new facility that can help care for patients, so really a great story.

N: Have you always been involved in healthcare facilities, construction management? Was this a passion of yours? What’s little bit about your background?

B: Sure. So it’s actually healthcare in general has been a passion of mine, my father is a physician and my mother is a nurse. And my background before e-Builder is I spent 10 years doing project management in healthcare construction. I actually work for hospital and with management construction projects for about 10 years.

N: Banner was well some time ago, just to indicate to our listeners how you’re progressing, you recently I guess last week as a matter of fact, announced a brand new client with massive potential as far as savings and service to the healthcare community that they’re gonna serve. Talk about this new venture of yours.

B: Sure. So our presence in healthcare market is ever growing, it’s recognized the ability to save and provide better spaces for their patients. And you mentioned last week we just fund a huge partnership with Jackson Healthcare System in the Miami area. And they’re projecting they have about $1.4 Billion worth of projects to manage over the next few years.

N: Wow, that’s huge.

B: And they recognize… It’s huge and with that amount of projects, you mentioned the 30% of waste hopefully we could reduce that, if we can reduce you know 30% of that and help them save that and we could potentially help them fund more facilities than they ever imagined they can build. So that’s really our goal with our new partnership with them, and it’s really great.

N: And with those savings healthcare savings are brought down at least in that area but with that amount of money, I mean there’s gonna be savings realized in so many areas just from this just, from Jackson Health System affiliation with e-Builder. It’s exciting.

B: Yeah, absolutely and as more and more healthcare systems partner with us and everyone is trying to save money. We hope to have a significant impact across the healthcare market in this country.

N: You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio, I’m your host Neal Howard. We’ve been in studio talking with Mr. Bret Elam for e-Builder, a leading provider of integrated cloud-based construction program management software. And he’s been in studio with us talking about the huge savings that can be realized simply by implementing their technology as a cloud-based provider. To learn more about e-Builder go to that’s E dash builder dot N E T. It’s been great having you here with us today Bret.

R: Yeah, glad to talk with you Neal. Thank you.

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