Bridge Connector – Interoperability and Healthcare Information Technology (HIT)

Lane Conger Maples, VP of Client Experience at Bridge Connector, a company offering interoperability and integration solutions discusses the current state of interoperability and healthcare information technology (HIT) during these unprecedented times brought on by the pandemic.  She talks about that despite the financial strains happening across the healthcare industry due to COVID-19, interest and investments in integration technology has remained a priority for healthcare organizations.

Lane Conger Maples serves Bridge Connector as Vice President, Client Experience. With studies in biomedical engineering, a relatively new field at the time, Lane has forged new trails in healthcare and health IT. She brings expertise with changing an organization’s structure from the tech perspective, while maintaining a “strong voice of the customer” for what products would make their lives easier, and delivering “actionable and useful” data solutions for healthcare organizations. During her time as Solution Lead of the orthopedic team at Sg2, an education/consulting company in Chicago, Lane helped hospitals plan for strategic and long-term business, particularly in preparation for our growing, senior patient population. At InVivoLink in Nashville, her team tracked orthopedic and spine implants, acquired patient outcomes, and integrated demographic and other data to yield new data analytics that were used to drive growth of the company through the HCA acquisition in 2014. Lane rose to the role of Associate Vice President, where she oversaw all of the health IT data integrations of most the major electronic health record (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) vendors during that transition for the company. As InVivoLink clients grew from five to over 100 during her tenure, she also put account management practices and training mechanisms in place to provide scalability. Lane received her Bachelor of Science in biomedical engineering from the University of Tennessee, and her Master of Science in biomedical engineering, with a concentration in biomechanics and rehabilitation, from Northwestern University.

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