Bridge for Pelvic Pain [transcript] [audio]

Guest: Carin Willis

Presenter: Neal Howard

Guests Bio: Carin Willis is the Founder and Executive Director of Bridge for Pelvic Pain and also serves as the interim Board Chair. She has suffered from migraines, TMJ, hypermobility syndrome and IBS since childhood and in her early twenties developed Interstitial Cystitis (IC), vulvodynia and dyspareunia. She suffered with chronic pain in silence and has greatly affected her quality of life. Carin’s support website began to garner national and international attention due to its positive and educational approach to these conditions. Eventually, Carin was sought out for numerous interviews amongst doctors and experts within the chronic pelvic pain community. After three years of connecting with patients suffering chronic pelvic pain, Carin expanded the connection between chronic pelvic patients with resources, education with a hope-filled message. She began educating herself about how to serve this global community of chronic pelvic patients – spending countless hours researching the many needs of patients; meeting medical experts, patients, patient advocates and caregivers who are now an integral part of what has become Bridge for Pelvic Pain a 501 c (3) non-profit based in Colorado Springs, CO.

Segment overview: Carin Willis, Founder and Executive Director of Bridge for Pelvic Pain, talks about chronic pelvic, sexual and genital pain conditions.  

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