Broadway and Reality TV Star Shares Story of Living With Uncontrolled Asthma

As a Broadway performer living with moderate-to-severe asthma, Tommy Bracco knows how difficult living with the disease can be. Tommy grew up singing and dancing and has always had a passion for the performing arts, but due to his asthma, he struggled with breath control and lung capacity. Tommy finally found Dupixent® (dupilumab) and it has helped make a difference in his life. That is why Tommy is working with Sanofi and Regeneron on LungZone, an online campaign created by Sanofi and Regeneron to guide people with moderate-to-severe asthma toward better lung health. You can visit to watch Tommy’s story and to learn steps people living with moderate-to-severe asthma can take to put their lung health first, including asking their doctor about Dupixent as a treatment option.

Thomas (Tommy) Bracco, age 32, is an American actor, reality television star and Broadway performer. He is best known for starring in Newsies as Spot Conlon and Pretty Woman: The Musical as Giulio on Broadway. He was a cast member on season 21 of Big Brother and placed 5th in the competition. He is a current cast member of The Challenge on MTV. He also made TV appearances in shows like Submissions Only and The Battery’s Down and made his film debut in a movie called 4th Man Out playing the character Giovanni. He also had a role as a tango dancer in the movie Isn’t It Romantic.

Tommy was born and raised in Staten Island, NY and began pursuing his interest in performing arts as a child during school. He was diagnosed with severe asthma as a young boy and immediately felt limited in normal life experiences as a kid. Throughout his life, Tommy has struggled with his condition, getting hospitalized countless times throughout his childhood. After years of overreliance on an inhaler, Tommy worked with his doctor to develop a treatment plan to help get his asthma under control. He was prescribed Dupixent as an add-on medication and has since gotten his life back on track.

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