Butt Aesthetics – BBL

Butt aesthetics have been very popular recently by our women.

Especially Brazilian type butt is very popular among women. In the perception of beauty about women, the butt with plump, straight and rounded lines is very important.

The reason why women with thin and flat bottoms prefer this surgery is because they want to have beautiful curves. A protruding and upright appearance of the buttocks is required.

Hip surgery satisfies the person aesthetically, and the curved line of the person helps to appeal to the eye in a beautiful way.

How Is Hip Aesthetics Performed?

If you want to have hip aesthetics, but if you want to know about it first, let’s take a look together.

Since a surgical incision is made at the junction of the two halves of the butt, it may be difficult to sit and stand up in the first days after surgery.

It is performed under general anesthesia.

The possibility of infection is high due to the incision, care should be taken. Very strong antibiotics are used. The patient should also take care of himself after he is discharged.

Depending on the patient, it can be returned to the daily routine usually within five days.

Hip Aesthetics Methods

Hip augmentation surgery is done in 3 different ways.Let’s first take a look at the fat injection method. In this method, fat is removed from certain parts of the body such as the hip, waist, lower butt and outer part of the body with the laser lipo application. This fat removal is expelled from the body with the help of specially made thin cannulas.

The fat extracted from the body goes through various procedures in accordance with the procedure to be performed, is injected into the upper part of the butt and the process is completed.

Butt prosthesis method is another method used. This method comes into play where the oil taken in the oil injection method is insufficient. If the fullness level of the oil is not sufficient, the silicone method comes into play.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt aesthetics, which is called as BBL butt aesthetics, is the most preferred type of hip aesthetics in recent years. With this method, fuller hips are obtained. Brazilian butt lift prices may increase in 2021. No matter how many plastic surgeons clarify the price of this procedure, the market price is more or less certain.

Another factor that determines the prices of hip aesthetics 2021 is the hospital in which the procedure will be performed. A quality hospital may have a higher price list.Where to Place Hip Silicone

In the butt lift with prosthesis, silicone is placed in the muscle.

The techniques we mentioned above are applied to people with good skin quality and durable.

If these two techniques are not suitable for our skin type, another method, butt lift, comes into play this time.

The butt lift technique is applied in situations that cause sudden weight gain and excess weight loss. There may be ejaculation or collapse on the skin. This time, the skin is removed from the lower abdomen and upper part of the buttocks. This removed skin is suspended in the hip area.

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