Cala Health – Cala Trio™ Non-Invasive Non-Drug Therapy Treatment for Essential Tremor

Kate Rosenbluth, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at Cala Health discusses the impact of patients living with essential tremors (ET).  She talks about the inner workings of the Cala Trio™, a new, wrist-worn bioelectronic device, that is the only non-invasive, non-drug therapy that goes directly to the source of tremor by delivering advanced targeted therapy that safely and effectively reduces hand tremors.  This new approach harnesses the advances in neuroscience, nerve excitation, and electronics miniaturization and decades of neuromodulation experience to improve care for patients with ET.

Kate Rosenbluth, PhD. Kate Rosenbluth is a Founder, Member of the Board of Directors, and Chief Scientific Officer at Cala Health. She has previously served as Chief Executive Officer and raised three rounds of financing totaling over $80M. She is an engineer and neuroscientist who previously worked on cutting edge neurotherapies at Stanford Biodesign, UCSF Neurosurgery, Brainlab, Autonomic Technologies and Genentech.
When Kate was a Stanford Biodesign Fellow, she was captivated by the challenging unmet need to treat hand tremors. For the seven million Americans living with a condition called essential tremor, the only options were partially effective pharmacotherapies or brain surgery. She discovered that the site of deep brain stimulation was accessible through the peripheral nerves in the wrist and teamed up with Scott Delp, Director of the Stanford Neuromuscular Biomechanics Laboratory. Kate and Scott raised Series A funding in 2014 to support proof-of-concept studies and early product development on peripheral stimulation. Their studies showed the therapeutic potential for using stimulation on the surface of the wrist to interrupt the tremulous signal driving the tremor in the brain.

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