Cancer, COVID-19 & Your Immunity

Returning guest, award-winning author, speaker, and international health advocate Silvie Beljanski discusses several tips on strengthening immunity and obtaining wellness balance.  She talks about how she views COVID-19 as an environmental toxin, how the war on cancer is impacted by the focus and resources applied to COVID-19, and what we need to know about integrative medicine when considering experimental COVID drug treatments.

Sylvie Beljanski is an author, speaker, international health advocate, and leader in preventative medicine.In 2018, Ms. Beljanski opened the doors to Maison Beljanski, a new building in the heart of Manhattan, and dedicated to the legacy of her father, Dr. Beljanski. The second floor, home of The Beljanski Foundation, also serves as a site for hosting numerous conferences on different aspects of health and wellness. Ms. Beljanski is a sought-after speaker at health and wellness conferences globally, where she has educated thousands of people about the importance of detoxification as a defense against harmful toxins that can cause serious disease and infections. She recommends The Beljanski Approach. Her research is being conducted within a network of prestigious institutions, including Columbia University Medical Center, Kansas University Medical Center, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America®. Ms. Beljanski, the CEO of the Foundation, relentlessly spreads the word and educating the public about the effects of environmental toxins on our health. She has been featured by select media, including USA TODAY, Marie Claire, Townsend Letter, The American Chiropractor, Men’s Health, The Doctor’s Prescription for Healthy Living. She was also interviewed on NBC News TV Channel 4 in New York City. She is an active member of National Association of Professional Women; French American Chamber of Commerce; Greater New York Chamber of Commerce; The Fashion Group International; and The Luxury Marketing Council. She resides in New York City. For more information, please consult: or She resides in New York City.

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