Cannabis technologies as a sleep aid and pain control

Dr. Levine discusses the scientifically-based cannabis technologies as aid for sleep disorder and pain control.

Dr. Bill Levine is the founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Izun Pharmaceuticals Corporation, a biopharmaceutical company specializing in Botanical Medicine. This area of specialty pharma develops pharmaceutical and healthcare products from plant-based sources. Bill, who received his DDS degree and specialty training in Periodontics from Columbia University, initially utilized this background to formulate novel oral care products to treat periodontal disease more effectively. Izun has also developed wound care products, oncology support products, and products targeting women’s health care.

Recognizing the Izun expertise with botanicals, Bill subsequently applied this knowledge to the cannabis plant and established CannRx. In a short time, CannRx has developed validated assays (receiving ISO 17025 service laboratory certification) and new and differentiated delivery systems. CannRx is well on its way to establishing itself as a leading player in the cannabis field.

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