Cannaphyll™ hemp-infused topicals

Jude Bond, CEO of Cannaphyll™ Hemp-Infused Topicals, discusses Cannaphyll’s patent-pending  blend of organic phylloceuticals that improves endocannabinoid uptake and delivery. Targeted to active-lifestyle boomers, fitness-enthusiast Gen-Xers, mobility-challenged seniors, high-performance athletes, and chronic pain sufferers, Cannaphyll™ provides more than 1,000mg premium Hemp Extract per 1 ounce, making it more potent than virtually all other OTC hemp-infused topical creams.

Jude Bond, Chief Executive Officer of Cannaphyll Hemp-Infused Topicals, is a determined marketing pro with 20+ years of branding, design, production, data, and leadership experience. An early adopter of omnichannel automation, Jude is dedicated to developing solutions that grow businesses and promote change. He is passionate about the intersection of cannabis and wellness.  He is a multilingual graduate of Columbia College, New York city, and a veteran of numerous agencies and start-ups. Jude Bond and the Cannphyll team have spent 18 months in the lab developing the company’s signature hemp-infused topical creams, working with U.S. based hemp suppliers. Jude Bond founded Cannaphyll in 2019 with his partner, Kim Clark, Vice President, Product Development. Kim is an active member of the holistic treatment community and has been a cannabis care evangelist for over a decade.

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