Cardiol Therapeutics, Inc. – CardiolRx™ Phase II & III Outcomes Study

David Elsley, MBA, President and CEO of Cardiol Therapeutics, Inc., a clinical stage biotech, discusses the Company’s research and clinical development of innovative anti-inflammatory therapies for the treatment of cardiovascular disease (CVD). David talks about the Company’s lead product, CardiolRx™ a pharmaceutically produced oral cannabidiol formulation that has entered a Phase II/III outcomes study in hospitalized patients testing positive for the COVID-19 virus who have a prior history of, or risk factors for, CVD. With the Delta variant spreading quickly, there is an urgent need to treat these high-risk patients. Cardiol is also planning to file an investigational new drug (“IND”) application for a Phase II international trial that will investigate the anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic properties of CardiolRx in patients with acute myocarditis, which remains the most common cause of sudden cardiac death in people under 35 years of age. 

David Elsley, MBA President and Chief Executive Officer: Mr. David Elsley is a business leader with a proven track record of developing, financing and managing all aspects of corporate development in biotechnology and high-growth organizations. In 1990, Mr. Elsley founded Vasogen Inc., a biotechnology company focused on the research and commercial development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of heart failure and other inflammatory conditions. Mr. Elsley assembled a team of management, directors and scientific advisors comprising industry professionals and thought leaders from North America and Europe.

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