Carrum Health – Value-Based Care

Christoph Dankert discusses Carrum Health, the first digital health company directly connecting self-insured employers with the best providers in the nation, like Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins and Mayo Clinic, to improve health outcomes, lower costs, and enhance the patient experience. He talks about the results of a recent peer-reviewed Rand Corp. study showing the vast difference in cost between fee-for-service and bundled payment surgery models, the emerging role of Centers of Excellence and key trends in value-based care.

Christoph Dankert blends a computer science academic background with 10 years’ experience as a healthcare consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton/ Booz & Co and PwC Strategy, working with large payers, health systems and other industry players on strategy development and operational efficiency improvement. He also spent time as an analyst at the Clinton Foundation’s Health Access Initiative in Africa and completed his MBA. Fueled by the desire to drive change in healthcare that is hindered by bureaucracy and big legacy players, he joined Carrum Health to build a marketplace solution, support clinicians and arm people with the tools they need to manage their own care.

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