CIONIC – Bionic Clothing Medical Device for the Mobility Impaired

Jeremiah Robison, Founder and CEO of CIONIC discusses the company’s success with the FDA-Cleared Cionic Neural Sleeve, the first bionic clothing to combine sensing, analysis, and augmentation to help individuals with neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis, stroke, and cerebral palsy live more freely and independently. CIONIC is now licensed to ship to over 90% of US states (and growing), with over 400 prescribing institutions and 200,000 hours of customer use.

Jeremiah Robison is the Founder and CEO of CIONIC, an innovative company that builds lightweight and durable bionic clothing driven by powerful algorithms that adapt in real-time to each individual’s mobility needs. He started the company in 2018 after his daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and he was frustrated at the lack of effective technology available to help improve her mobility. Four years later, CIONIC introduced the breakthrough, FDA-cleared Cionic Neural Sleeve, the first product to combine sensing, analysis and augmentation into a wearable garment. Prior to CIONIC, Jeremiah spent twenty years at the intersection of data, algorithms, and the human body, driving innovation in sensing and machine learning at Apple, Openwave Systems, Slide, and Jawbone. Jeremiah has a BS and MS in Computer Science from Stanford University.

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