Clean Eating for Babies & Toddlers

Dr. Alok Patel, a pediatric hospitalist, discusses the benefits of clean-label, whole plant-based nutrition for babies and toddlers. He talks about why industrial and environmental contaminants, along with toxins in food and consumer products, are so dangerous and why adding this important information to food labels is essential. Parents should pay particular attention to ingredients in infant cereals, often the first food consumed by babies after breastmilk and formula. 

Dr. Patel is a pediatric hospitalist, medical journalist, on-camera expert, and producer. He is currently working as a special correspondent for ABC7 News Bay Area, medical analyst for WGN-Chicago, and is a regular contributor to other digital and television news outlets. Dr. Patel helped create and now sits on the board of directors for the Association for Healthcare in Social Media, the first 501c-3 dedicated to medical communication on social media platforms.

As part of the multi-month collaboration with Else Nutrition, Dr. Patel will be creating and promoting educational content for use on his and the Company’s platforms, informing about the benefits of clean label, whole Plant-Based Nutrition. Additionally, Dr. Patel will be co-authoring research papers with Else Medical Director for North America, Kayla Bridges.

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