Collection of dried blood samples & additional biological fluids including urine, saliva and tissue

Dr. Jeanette Hill, the founder of Spot on Sciences, discusses the company.  They market the HemaSpot™ device for the collection of dried blood samples.  She also discusses the development currently underway on devices for collection of additional biological fluids including urine, saliva and tissue.

Dr. Jeanette Hill is the founder of Spot On Sciences and inventor of its signature laboratory products, the HemaSpot devices.  The HemaSpot technology allows biospecimen samples to be securely and efficiently collected, shipped and stored. In early 2018, William Faidi, CEO of Tribeca Companies, partnered with Jeanette Hill to conduct an expansion of the Company’s activities into new global markets, form strategic partnerships and position the Company for future acquisition.  Subsequently, Tribeca Companies acquired Spot On Sciences. The partnership has continued to conduct further research and development of product innovations to be added to Spot On’s pipeline. Under Jeanette’s leadership, Spot On Sciences has been awarded SBIR grants from DARPA and NIH and has won many innovation awards including Cartier Awards N.A. 2011, SXSW Interactive 2013, RISE Global pitch winner 2013, 1776 Challenge 2014, SXSW pitch 2014, Astia Global winner 2014, Austin A-List Hottest Start-ups 2014, Get In the Ring N.A. winner 2014. Jeanette received a PhD in Bio-organic Chemistry at Washington University in St. Louis with research in protein engineering and completed post-doctoral research on liver disease and diabetes at Case Western Reserve University and Washington University Medical School.

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