Conquering Multiple Sclerosis with Intensive Nutrition

Dr. Terry Wahls joins the program to talk about the upcoming 6th BioCeuticals Research Symposium 2018 to be held in Melbourne, Australia where she is one the speakers. She shares her own story about how she overcame multiple sclerosis (MS) with a clinically proven dietary protocol particularly designed to nourish brain and mitochondrial health. Dr. Wahls also discusses her desire to help others with the same condition.

Dr. Terry Wahls is a clinical professor of medicine at the at the University of Iowa in the United States.  During medical school, Dr. Wahls, Founder of the Wahls Foundation and NY Times bestselling author of The Wahls Protocol, began having episodes of pain across her temple – this would be the first sign of a very long and gruelling diagnosis of MS (multiple sclerosis). Dr. Wahls knew that within three years, one-third of MS sufferers have difficulty walking, needing a cane, walker, or wheelchair, and half will be unable to work due to severe fatigue. She decided to do something about it. She engaged in a functional medicine protocol to reverse the symptoms of MS by using vitamins, minerals, antioxidant rich foods and essential fatty acids to go from wheelchair to riding 29 kilometres in one day. Today she uses this approach on hundreds of her patients who seek her out worldwide. In 2011, Dr. Wahls presented a TEDx talk called ‘Mind your Mitochondria’ which went viral with nearly three million views.


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